Breaking the Silence

DSC_3499Yeah, that headline┬áis a bit overly dramatic. Forgive me, I’m a former journalist. When it comes to headlines, I’m still trying to overcome my training in sensationalism.

In reality, my last post was only two weeks ago. It just feels like I fell into radio silence, disappeared from the radar or got lost in the mountains of West Virginia. (If I were to experience one of these fates, I would prefer the Monongahela National Forest).

The truth is, I’ve had priorities other than writing while transitioning into my new role. When I do resume writing on a weekly basis, it will focus on the needs of the churches and leaders of our District. During the transition, I’ll also continue to retrofit posts that focus on churches more intentionally engaging in God’s mission.

For the moment, I wanted to thank you all for your patience. Look for a post on Wednesday. Yes, I mean THIS Wednesday. Seriously. THIS Wednesday.

The Lord bless and guide,


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