Welcome to Kevin Wilson 360!

I appreciate your taking time to visit my website. KW360 exists to provide fuel for followers of Christ. As such, much of the content is connected to God’s Word. The content also delves into living in a relationship with God, especially God’s impact on our lives.

I am part of the Lutheran stream of Christianity. The foundations of my faith are “Scripture alone, Grace alone and Faith alone.”

Content Flow

My goal is to post a meditation on Scripture each Tuesday.


I launched KW360 in January 2015 as a blog for faith-based organizations. It primarily focused  on start-ups and revitalizations. In 2017, I re-launched in KW360 with the focus of helping churches engage in mission and ministry. Much of the content on KW360 dates from that season of ministry. In 2018, I changed ministry roles. Hence, I have adjusted for a more specific audience.

Ministry Path

There is a pattern to my vocational development. God will call me to a ministry, then refine me through several roles in that location.

I’ve worked regionally for more than a decade, serving Ohio, West Virginia and northern Kentucky. Currently, I am the Ohio District President. The previous five years I served as Executive Director for Mission and Ministry for the District. Initially, I was a regional Mission and Ministry Facilitator for the sake District.

Prior to Ohio, we served in Surprise, AZ. Initially, I was a Missionary-at-Large starting a new church and school. Once Word of Life Lutheran Church and School was off the ground, the church called me as Pastor.

My first call was to Trinity Lutheran Church in Leavenworth, KS. I served as Assistant to the Pastor, sole Pastor and Senior Pastor.


My wife Dorinda and I married in 1990. We are blessed with three adult children. We enjoy walking local paths and exploring out-of-the-way places. Personally, I enjoy photography. To view some of my photo work check out WilsonPhotoGallery.com.

Contact Information

You can email me at wilsonk@oh.lcms.org. If you prefer, find me at Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.


KW360 is a WordPress website built the Gateway template. WordPress has a proven track record of keeping its websites online and accessible. It also is unmatched in creating environments for online communities.

Our daughter, McKenzie Wilson, took the “About” page photograph at St. John Lutheran Church in Dublin, OH. She used a Nikon 5300 with a Nikon 18 to 50 mm lens.

I designed the logo through on the website “Looka.” The logo features an arrow, which is a reference to our family motto, which I will share at another time. The “360” means that, one day, I plan on bringing all my online activities under one domain.

Required Disclaimer

As an ordained minister and former journalist, I take writing and publishing seriously. However, this is a blog. I do not review whether old posts are timely or still accurate. I am not legally liable for any errors, omissions or delays in this information nor for any losses, injuries or damages from its use.