Welcome to KevinWilson360.org!

KW360 is a community of leaders who want to see our churches thrive by more intentionally engaging in mission and ministry. We want our churches to thrive, not just today, but ten years from today.

If this touches a chord (or a nerve!), then KW360 is for you. If it doesn’t, click through the  site anyway. Let me know what you think.


I launched KW360 in January 2015 as a blog for faith-based organizations. It primarily focused  on start-ups and revitalizations.

I practice ongoing improvement. As I assessed the website, it became clear the nonprofits facing the greatest challenges are churches. So I re-launched in KW360 in May 2017 with the current focus.

Weekly Flow

My goal is to publish blog posts three days a week. Sunday is an interactive devotion on Jesus’ life called, “Conversations about Faith & Life.” A year’s worth of devotions are compiled in a ePub document found in the Resources page. Tuesdays I publish a post focused on helping churches thrive by more intentionally engaging in mission and ministry. Thursdays I publish updated or re-imagined posts about churches or church planting from content I’ve created for other outlets1.

Professional Development

After graduating from Wichita State University I enjoyed a brief career as a journalist. Responding to God’s call, I earned a Master’s of Divinity in 1992 from Concordia Seminary, St. Louis. After ordination, I served a Kansas City area church, ultimately leading the congregation into becoming multi-site church as Senior Pastor.

After a decade, I accepted a call to start a new church and school in suburban Phoenix, AZ. During this time I started a Doctor of Ministry program at Fuller Theological Seminary, finishing the degree in 2010.

I accepted a call to the Ohio District of the Lutheran Church – Missouri in 2006, serving as a Mission and Ministry Facilitator. In 2016, I accepted the call to serve as the Executive Director of Mission and Ministry for the same District.


My wife Dorinda and I got married in 1990. We are blessed with three children. Living outside of Columbus, OH, we are members of St. John’s Lutheran Church, Marysville, OH. I enjoy exploring new out-of-the-way places, golf and photography. To view some of my photo work check out DigitalAviary.me or PhotoForge.blog.

Contact Information

You can email me at coachkw360@gmail.com. If you prefer, find me at Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google +.


KW360 is a WordPress website built the Gateway template. WordPress has a proven track record of keeping its websites online and accessible. It also is unmatched in creating environments for online communities.

Our daughter McKenzie Wilson took the banner and “About” page photographs at St. John Lutheran Church in Dublin, OH. She used a Nikon 5300 with a Nikon 18 to 50 mm lens. Graphic artist Amber Beech designed the “KW360” logo.

I am indebted to friends and colleagues for the existence and development of this website. “Bluegrass” Mark and “Blackhawks” Mark have walked beside me throughout the blog’s history. Keith Haney was instrumental in the move to WordPress.


This is my personal blog. Blogs are housed on the Internet. It is no coincidence the letters “www” refer to both “world wide web” and “wild, wild, west.” My opinions and views are not necessarily represented by websites or organizations re-posting or linking to my content. The opinions and views on this blog do not necessarily reflect my employer. This means I am accountable for the content, not my employer.

As a blogger, I’m writing quickly and publishing even faster. I do not review whether old posts are still accurate unless I’m republishing them. I am not legally liable for any errors, omissions or delays in this information nor for any losses, injuries or damages from its use. At its core, KW360 is a blog. That’s what it is.