Final Conversation (about Faith & Life)

CFL FallI find the discipline of creating devotionals for equipping God’s people both rewarding and challenging.

Regularly posting such devotion is…well…just challenging.

I prefer to write all my devotions over a set period of time. The CFLs for this church year were written in May last year. So the reward of the discipline is in the past.

Because I have new responsibilities, the posting has passed as well. I posted the final CFL for KW360 last Monday.

Thank you for participating in CFLs. It is my hope that God has included the devotions in His process of maturing your faith.

Please note, you can download a free PDF version of all the CFLs for this church year here. There are still another dozen or so new CFLs for the remainder of this church year.

I will continue to publish blog posts on Wednesday. I can also envision returning with another variation of devotion or meditation.

For the foreseeable future, we’ll go with Wednesdays

Thanks again,


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