A Pastor Needs a Pastor


I read a headline today that started like this: “A coach needs a coach…”

It was a great reminder that a pastor needs a pastor.

There are days when a pastor needs to hear a word of grace, face an uncomfortable truth or experience the ministry of presence.

A pastor needs someone with whom he can confide. Someone to whom he can vent. Someone who will entertain his off the wall ideas.

A pastor needs a sacred space to decompress for a few hours, retell the stories of parish life or make private confession.

No matter much God’s people love their pastor, congregational members cannot fill this role.

A pastor needs a pastor.

One thought on “A Pastor Needs a Pastor

  1. I remember when a previous pastor’s toddler daughter was having surgery. He told me how touched he was that a neighboring congregation’s pastor showed up to just sit and pray with him. Having said that, recently another pastor’s wife mentioned to me that pastors’ wives need a pastor as well. She’s not comfortable going to any of the neighboring pastors she knows and queries, “where do I go?”.


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