Worship the New Born King!


God blesses us in different ways in different communities. Virtual or online communities are relatively new; we still don’t know all the ways God will work through such communities.

I do know this. I am encouraged whenever I receive word I have encouraged you. I am motivated by your adapting or implementing ideas or practices I share. I am always appreciative when you take your valuable time time to read and reflect on my content.

This is the final post between now and January 2nd. I’ll take the time between now and then to reflect on where God is leading as well as recharge my batteries.

May our Lord strengthen your faith and encourage your spirit through your experience of Christmas.

3 thoughts on “Worship the New Born King!

  1. Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones Pastor! Thank you offering your unique insights and interesting posts this past year. Looking forward to what you’ll be writing about in 2018.


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