Looking Forward, Glancing Back

For a couple of years, I posted “Coffee and Recap” on Saturdays. Because of changes in ministry, I couldn’t keep it going. Schedules have changed again. I’m testing a Saturday recap post again. Please provide feedback about whether you find these posts worthwhile.


Every Saturday we take a moment to stare over the horizon, then glance back over our shoulders. The post always includes links to compelling content from other leaders. This time usually goes best with a fresh cup of coffee.

Next Week in KevinWilson360

Sunday: Our weekly interactive devotion examines “All Saints Day” through the lens of Jesus’ best known sermon.

Tuesday: Surprises await call committees for pastors or commissioned workers, especially if the church hasn’t issued a call in a decade or longer. This post will help prepare leaders for the shock.

Thursday: We wrap up the series on iconic models for churches starting churches with the most challenging model.

Last Week in KevinWilson360

Sunday: Free Indeed! (weekly interactive devotion)

Tuesday: The Secret Sustaining the Reformation

Wednesday: How Does One Become a Saint? 

Thursday: The Unexpected Potential of Multi-Housing New Churches

Compelling Content for Church Leaders

In honor of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, this week we look at posts dealing with Reformation500.

This post has an intriguing view at the psychology of the Reformation.

It’s your turn. Which of these 10 ways to celebrate Reformation500 is your favorite? I am leaning toward No. 8.

Who has surprised you by their interest in the Reformation this year? It turns out, others are unusually interested due to the 500th anniversary.

Photo of the Week

I enjoy the variety of roses that bloom deep into fall. This rose was photographed at Inniswood Metro Garden in Columbus, OH.





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