Looking Forward, Glancing Back

For a couple of years, I posted “Coffee and Recap” on Saturdays. Because of changes in ministry, I couldn’t keep it going. Schedules have changed again. I’m testing a Saturday post through Thanksgiving, then I’ll ask for feedback to decide whether to keep it going. 

Liberty Tree

Every Saturday we take a moment to stare over the horizon, then glance back over our shoulders. This time usually goes best with a fresh cup of coffee or spot of tea.

Next Week on KevinWilson360.org

  • Sunday: Our weekly interactive devotion will focus on how Jesus answered critics.
  • Tuesday: Look for a new post on lessons we can learn from Martin Luther about leading major change.
  • Thursday: We continue my reboot of the series on iconic models for churches planting churches.

Last week on KevinWilson360.org

Content Reposted Last Week on KevinWilson360 Social Media

Photo of the Week

I took the photograph at a golf course near West Liberty, OH. It was a blustery day with odd lighting from multiple layers of clouds obscuring the sun.

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