KW360 Digest: May in Review



Given the pace of life, it’s likely you missed a post or two the last month. It’s also my hope you would want to read again a favorite recent post. Hence, the KW360 Digest. Pour a fresh cup of your favorite blend, settle in, and enjoy the review. Make sure you catch the bonus links to content for church leaders at the end. 

New Posts

New posts are published on Wednesdays, although there is some flexibility in the schedule.

Conversations about Faith & Life

Each week we publish interactive devotions on Jesus’ life designed to equip God’s people to live out their faith on daily basis.

Top Five Reads

The following links are to content from other authors chosen for church leaders. 

Scanning the Horizon

This month we’ll consider how churches make a first impression on guests and visitors. We’ll also debunk a myth about Millennials and provide practical guidance for ministry to inactive members. Conversations about Faith & Life will continue it’s march through the Church Year.

Thanks for Being Part of the KW360 Community

Let us know what struck you in this post in the comments or via email. Until next month, the Lord bless and guide.


4 thoughts on “KW360 Digest: May in Review

  1. The Lifetree Café looks like a good plug in for what we’re starting with the Victory Community Mission. Our motto is “don’t reinvent the wheel”. What is the theology of the supplied material?


  2. Discipleship as a program seems to be a hot button topic. As a church body we don’t want to be aligned with others who create tiers of Disciples based on passive or active experiences and not based on levels of education, and at the same time we want members to grow in their understanding of the Word and take an active part in sharing the Gospel. I was encouraged when “Lutheranism 101” came out in that it recognized that it was a starting place in understanding the teachings of the church but I don’t know if they ever produced any other levels. Again, this only speaks to those who appreciate and thrive in an educational environment and doesn’t particularly lead to action on the part of the learner.

    Is there a balanced learning/doing model out there that enhances our understanding of the Body of Christ?


    1. We really need some way to hang out together. This is the kind of question I mull over while driving, visiting with church leaders and working out. I think it would be more mutually beneficial to discuss this one. If you have the inclination, and the time, give me a call: 614.440.5054.


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