KW360 Digest: January in Review


Given the pace of life, it’s likely you missed a post or two this past month. It’s also my hope you would want to read again a favorite post from the past few weeks. Hence, the KW360 Digest. Pour a fresh cup of your favorite blend, settle in, and enjoy the review. As you might have guessed, there are links to bonus content at the end.

New Posts

New posts are published on Tuesdays, although there is some flexibility in the schedule.

Retro Posts

As a former journalist, I have a difficult time turning off the keyboard. Thus, I’ve continued to publish over the years. Some of those posts are worthy of updating or reposting. A few are totally rewritten.

Conversations about Faith & Life

Each week we publish interactive devotions on Jesus’ life designed to equip God’s people to live out their faith on daily basis.

Top Five Reads

The following links are to content from other authors that fit well the mission of KW360.

Thanks for Participating in the KW360 Community

Let us know what struck you in this post in the comments or via email. Until next month, the Lord bless and guide.