Looking Forward, Glancing Back

Through Thanksgiving I’m testing a Saturday post. Please consider taking a two minute survey about “Looking Forward, Glancing Back.” You can complete the survey here. 


Next Week in KevinWilson360

  • Sunday: Our weekly interactive devotion will focus on Jesus’ teaching about his second coming.
  • Tuesday: I’ll compare testing my Saturday post, “Looking Forward, Glancing Back,” to how churches also need to assess ministries.
  • Thursday: No post on Thanksgiving.

Last Week in KevinWilson360

Compelling Content for Church Leaders

  • Morgan is a teenager, the daughter of a coworker, who is fighting cancer. Here is her Facebook page. Please join us in prayer for Morgan. Lord, grant healing.
  • Solid guidance for churches investing in Christmas advertising.
  • Are you getting tired of the Church’s obsession with Millennials? (I know more than a few Millennials who are tired of it!). Fear not, Generation Z is here. We’re starting to learn how to engage the most recent generation.

Photo of the Week

Traveling home from a high school golf tournament, I ran into a nature reserve I knew nothing about. Obviously, I had to stop for a quick hike. How I never noticed Indian Mound Reserve and Massie Creek, I have no idea. The photo was taken with a cell phone.

Each “Photo of the Week” is my own. You can find more of my photography at DigitalAviary.me or PhotoForge.blog.

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