Looking Forward, Glancing Back

For a couple of years, I posted “Coffee and Recap” on Saturdays. Because of changes in ministry, I couldn’t keep it going. Schedules have changed again. I’m testing a Saturday recap post again. Please provide feedback about whether you find these posts worthwhile. 

Every Saturday we take a moment to stare over the horizon, then glance back over our shoulders. This time usually goes best with a fresh cup of coffee.

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Compelling Content

I really resonated with this post on leadership by Ed Stetzer.

How many of these options for online giving does your church provide?

Photo of the Week

Late this summer we took a weekend family drive along Ohio River Scenic Byway. We stopped for a picnic on Saturday evening. One waver runner decided to take final run. I wasn’t sure whether I could get my camera from the trunk before the sun sunk behind the river breaks.